c´╗┐Lies My Teacher Told Me - James W. Loewen

Chapter 2: 1493 The True Importance of Christopher Columbus

Remember the popular saying, "In 1492 Columbus........" Of course you remember it, because this catchy statement is taught to students at such at early age.


Unfortunately, most textbooks forget to fill in the gaps with other relevant details that are important to know about Columbus and the European exploration of the Americas.

"As a subject for research, the possibility of African discovery of America has never been a tempting one for American historians. In a sense, we choose our own history, or more accurately, we select those vistas of history for our examinations which promise us the greatest satisfaction, and we have had little appetite to explore the possibility that our founding father was a black man." -Samuel D. Marble

WHAT? REALLY?!? After all these years? THINK AGAIN!

-Why is this information not in textbooks?
-What is the criteria for determining what events and people are significant enough to make into a textbook?
-After reading this chapter, are textbooks really composed of facts like we've been told?

Consider the statements made by the author of this book, "The authors of history textbooks have taken us on a trip of their own, away from the facts of history, into the realm of myth. They and we have been duped by an outrageous concoction of lies, half-truths, and omissions that is in large part traceable to the first half of the nineteenth century."

-How do you feel about the author's remarks regarding the way history has been presented to us?

-Why do you think these truths have recently came to light?

-What is wrong with telling the truth?

-Why do we feel the need to create perfect stories, rather than the real deal?

-Are there other truths that haven't been revealed to us?

Check out this informative video about Columbus.

Do these video clips change your thoughts or information you've previously received about Columbus? How so?